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    My Flea Trap

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      Fleas are a hassle. They hide all over your home— in your clothes, on your pets, in your carpets and rugs — and can make your life very unpleasant. This is where we come in, with our easy, safe and guaranteed to work solution – myFleaTrap.

      With no chemical involvement, myFleaTrap attracts the fleas off the floor, carpets and furniture. myFleaTrap manages to keep both your home and your pets safe, and to keep fleas out effectively.

      myFleaTrap – simply the safest way to go

      With myFleaTrap your home could be flea-free overnight. But here’s the best part: unlike anything else on the market, it’s 100% safe for your family and pets.

      Completely safe in your home
      With myFleaTrap you can rest easy knowing that your family and pets are not being exposed to any toxins. The device requires no spraying – and contains no pesticides whatsoever.  Long before the blessed "green" trend started, we believed that our pest control products should be environmentally conscious, safe and healthy to use for our family and pets.  Without any chemicals, our trap simply attracts and catches the fleas and comes with a set of disposable adhesive sheets. It is the safest way to go.

      Proven scientific results
      Extensive laboratory testing performed at several universities (including Kansas State University) compared myFleaTrap to other flea traps, and found it to be the most efficient way to get rid of fleas.  myFleaTrap™ is based on Kansas State University patent #5,231,790 and on extensive laboratory testing. The intensity and color of the lights and their on/off lighting pattern attract the insects and traps them on the disposable adhesive sheet. No spray is needed and no chemicals additives. You simply set it in a room overnight and wait for the morning - when you wake up Flea-Free. The trap will attract fleas off the floors, carpets and furniture.

      It works while you sleep
      myFleaTrap performs its magic without you. It quietly catches the fleas in the room while you and your family sleep peacefully.  myFleaTrap is self-sufficient, working overnight with no hassle for you. Quiet and smart, it operates without human interference, so your time is being saved while your house is being cleaned of fleas.

      Cordless, light and portable
      myFleaTrap is cordless, light, and easy to carry and store. You simply pull it out when you need it and place it back when the job is done.

      Catches everything
      The trap attracts fleas off floors, carpets and furniture. And unlike other devices, myFleaTrap also catches the fleas’ offspring (or ‘larvae’). This dramatically reduces the likelihood of fleas returning to your dog or cat.  While capturing all of the hidden fleas, it also prevents them from returning to your dog or cat, so you save money on treatment and expensive flea products.

      Smart, one-of-a-kind technology
      When placed in a dark room, myFleaTrap projects unique lighting that attracts insects and traps them on a disposable adhesive sheet. The intensity and colour of the lights, and their on/off pattern, is what makes it work.

      Modern design
      myFleaTrap has a modern design that allows it to be placed in any room.  Portable to wherever you may go, myFleaTrap is cordless, lightweight and easy to carry and to store. Its weight and size makes it perfect to pull out when you are in need and put back when it has done its job.  Besides its night time operation and easy storage quality due to its size and weight, myFleaTrap also has a unique design that allows it to be placed in any room you may need it, without being a visual menace.


      • Based on Kansas State University patent
      • Environmenmtally Safe
      • No chemicals required
      • Cordless, lightweight and portable
      • Collapsible trap fo easy storage
      • Unique design also traps larvae
      • Light attracts fleas within range of 40ft
      • Unique flea attracting LED's alternating (every 5 min) operating over 100,000 hours
      • Operating pattern and wavelength attract fleas
      • Hidden adhesive sheet catches fleas
      • Wireless operation - 4 x AA batteries or externa; power supply
      • Portable trap for flexible usage