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Mouse Control Kit
Mouse Control Kit

    Mouse Control Kit

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      The Complete 'Do it yourself' Mouse Control Kit



      The Pest Defence Mouse Bait Station is a durable and practical mouse box. Equipped with a child tamper resistance lock and lid, this easy to service box has enough space for 1 large bait block or 2 smaller ones on either side. This bait box is ideal for indoor and outdoor mouse control.

      Pest Defence Mouse Bait Station fits flush against a wall or in a corner where mice travel. Mice do not hesitate to enter and once they're inside, the station's interior baffles lead them to the mouse bait.

      Compact Pest Defence Mouse Bait Station fits in tight baiting places under pallets, in cupboards or behind appliances. It is made of heavy-duty, polypropylene to withstand tough baiting situations.  Measures 10cm x 13cm x 4cm.

      This tamper-resistant Pest Defence Mouse Bait Station automatically locks when closed, keeping mouse bait away from children and non-target animals. Yet, a simple motion with the provided key unlocks the device, reducing service time.

      Pest Defence Mouse Bait Stations keep mouse bait away from children, pets and non-target animals. They also keep mouse bait fresh longer by protecting it from dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants. Tamper-resistant Pest Defence Mouse Bait Stations come with locking devices.


      A smaller, mouse-size version of the powerful TRAPPER T-Rex Rat Trap , TRAPPER Mini-Rex Mouse Trap embodies the most up-to-date mouse trap design and technology. With better trigger sensitivity and more powerful mouse trap velocity, TRAPPER Mini-Rex Mouse Trap patented interlocking teeth capture and trap mice with unmatched holding power.

      TRAPPER Mini-Rex Mouse Trap is ideal for commercial and residential accounts, offering Pest Managers easy use on the job. It sets in one motion, like the TRAPPER T-Rex Rat Trap. The same motion provides "no-touch" disposal of the captured mouse. The TRAPPER Mini-Rex Mouse Trap built-in bait cup holds a dab of TOMCAT Mouse Attractant Gel  to entice mice to the mouse trap. The cup can be removed safely and easily for servicing. Position TRAPPER Mini-Rex Mouse Trap along walls or wherever mice travel.

      For discreet placement, two TRAPPER Mini-Rex Mouse Trap will fit in most Bait Stations .

      Bell's state-of-the-art mechanical TRAPPER Mini Rex Mouse Trap captures mice using the most advanced technology on the market. These sturdy TRAPPER Mini Rex Mouse Traps are economical, easy to use and effective. TRAPPER Mini Rex Mouse Trap can be used alone or placed inside tamper-resistant Bait Stations.


        Developed as a fast acting solution both in plagues and controlling low density rodent problems.A potent extruded chocolate flavoured bait containing second generation active, brodifacoum (0.05g/kg), for use in bait stations.

        These are compatible for use in our Pest Defence Rat Bait Station and Pest Defence Mouse Bait Station.


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