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Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

    Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

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      Unlike its premium counterpart the Rodent Free, the Impact Ultrasonic Repeller does not need to be directly plugged into the wall.

      The unit has a power cord attached which gives you the ability to place the unit exactly where you need it. The unit has 180 degrees front facing range from the unit and will do up to 200 Sqm.

      Utilising Ultrasonic technology to help you keep rats and mice away, this unit will help protect your home!

      Perfect for the garage to keep your family and your vehicles safe from rodents!


      • High frequency dual speakers to drive rodents away (inaudible to humans)
      • Electronic device with adaptor
      • Four different modes to chose from -

      Duo: Intermittent impulse attack waves plus frequency sweeping attack waves will be projected from both of the dual speakers and transducer. The beat frequency produced during the DUO mode is normal operation

      Trans: Intermittent impulse attack waves will be projected from the transducer system

      Ultra: Frequency sweeping attack waves will be projected from the dual speaker system

      Test: The device will shift its output down into the audible range of human beings for a reassuring check of it's ultrasonic output when switched to the Test mode. The shrill, shock, unregulated siren-like sound produced simulates the sound that pests hear continually.


      Dimensions: 119 x 98 x 98
      Weight: 180g
      Power Supply: AC Adaptor 100-120 VAC 60 cycles / 200-240 VAC 50 cycles
      Power Consumption: 1.5 watts
      Frequency Range: 25,000-65,000Hz (continuously variable)
      Output Sound Pressure: 135 decibel
      Emission Angle: 260 degrees


      Just plug into electricity and the unit can be used indoors at any time. You will be begin to notice a difference within the first two weeks however please note you may see increased activity first as the rodents will come out of hiding. Leave the unit plugged in day and night, all year round for continuous protections from rodents.

      Please do place unit on carpeted surfaces, behind furniture, draperies or other soft objects as they will absorb the sound waves. Do not place the unit next to your ear when operating the test mode. Do not use unit outdoors or let water come into contact with the unit.