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Humane Snake Trap
Humane Snake Trap
Humane Snake Trap
Humane Snake Trap

    Humane Snake Trap

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      The easy and humane snake trap to remove small to medium snakes from your home or property

      Humane Snake Trap – 2 Door is a safe relocation trap for Small to Medium snakes. A brand new release from Pestrol for the 2021-22 season after many requests from our customers Australia wide.

      It is illegal in Australia to kill snakes, they are needed for our ecosystem like any other animal, but just not around our homes. Besides, snakes only hurt people in self-defence and try to avoid humans wherever possible. Trap them, carry them away and leave them somewhere in the wild, far from your home.


      • Humane Safe Catch & Release Snake Trap – (Birds, Possums, Lizards, Rabbits, Weasels, including Pets)
      • Non-Toxic – Safe for kids and pets- Can be used with any bait. Ideal for Small to large Serpents.
      • Durable Construction:- Extremely resistant to rust and corrosion – It will last a lifetime!
      • Trap arrives already assembled.
      • Unique Design: This product has evolved through the years to become the most successful mechanism to catch small to medium snakes
      • Reusable – Money Back Guarantee. You won’t be disappointed!

      Our amazing safe snake trap is perfect for animal lovers. The trap works by allowing small and medium snakes to enter to retrieve the bait and are unable to escape. Allowing you to safely transport the snake and release it back to the wild, many km’s from where you live.


      What is the best bait to use in the snake trap?

      • sausages
      • eggs
      • cheese

      What should I do with the snake once it is trapped?
      It’s always important to do the necessary research and check with your local council on where you can release the snake back into the wild.


      Length: 56cm x Width 28cm x Height 11cm
      Entry Hole: 14cm Width x 9cm Height
      Made from Zinc Iron – Rust Proof.