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Hawk Bird Scarer
Hawk Bird Scarer
Hawk Bird Scarer
Hawk Bird Scarer
Hawk Bird Scarer

    Hawk Bird Scarer

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      This full size replica of a hovering hawk is made of tough weatherproof plastic, so it lasts. You can protect your stone & pome fruits, nut, berry or broad acre crops on calm and windy days because you suspend your hawk over or near your crop. No power, wind or poison needed which protects the environment, and it prevents birds from damaging your garden.

      Your Hawk Bird Scarer looks real so it scares all birds including Cockatoos, Crows, Galahs, Corellas, Starlings, Jays, Parrots, Bulbuls, Mynahs & Silver Eyes.

      Stops Pigeons, Swallows and Seagulls roosting on boats, sheds, verandahs and roofs. Scares ducks off dams & swimming pools. But does not give 100% results for Sparrows.


      • Blackbirds
      • Bower Bird
      • Cockatoos
      • Cormarants
      • Crows
      • Currawongs
      • Doves
      • Ducks
      • European Black Birds
      • Ibis
      • Indian Mynahs
      • Magpies
      • Parrots
      • Pigeons
      • Ravens
      • Red Billed Coots
      • Seagulls
      • Sparrows
      • Starlings
      • Swallows
      • Twenty Eights
      • Wading Birds


      • Buildings
      • Fish Ponds
      • Fruit
      • Nesting Birds
      • Palm Trees
      • Pet Areas
      • Roosting Birds
      • Vineyards


      Hawk Bird Scarers helps keep both unwanted birds and rodents away from your house, deck or garden. Often, people would use owl decoys in their garden, but owls are nocturnal predators, and many birds and rodents don't have a fear of owls. Because hawks are natural predators that hunt during the day, birds and rodents identify the Hawk Bird Scarers as a dangerous predator and will leave the area. Owl decoys just aren't as effective - daytime animals won't even recognize the creature in order to be scared! These Hawk Bird Scarers are a known daytime predator that will have your rodent and bird population running for cover, and out of your life.

      No Owls


      What is "The Hawk Bird Scarer"?
      The Hawk Bird Scarer is a full size imitation hawk. It is moulded from tough weather-proof plastic with imitation feathered wing tips that flap when the bird is suspended. Movement of the bird and wing tips is very realistic, resembling a hawk hovering over its prey. You will be interested to know that this simple device was originally invented to scare seagulls and cormorants (shags) off boats, yachts and wharves. Being so successful, it was quickly applied to many other situations.

      Why does it work when other devices fail?
      The fear of the hawk is inborn into all birds. Day old chicks straight from the egg (with only the inherent fear instinct) have died of fright at the sight of the hawk shape.

      How many Hawk Bird Scarers do I need?
      There is no exact formula for the number of Hawk Bird Scarers required. Every property, crop, type of bird, feeding habit, climate etc all combine to produce a different set of conditions. Where one Hawk Bird Scarer would be suitable for the domestic back garden or pleasure craft, more would be needed for a large commercial crop. In ideal conditions and when suspended from high trees, two Hawk Bird Scarers have effectively kept 2ha free of any major bird damage. More Hawk Bird Scarers are required if conditions are not ideal.

      How can I increase the scaring power of my Hawk Bird Scarer?
      Firstly we suggest that if you were to move your Hawk Bird Scarers every now and then this would help. If you have mounted them on the end of poles then all you need do is to hammer in a few more star post or steel posts around the area that you are trying to keep the birds away from and move the pipe with the scarer on the end to the new location as the birds become used to it in the one location.

      You would also find that you could increase the effectiveness of your scarers if you were to use the fishing line method instead of the poles. An alternative way of using the fishing line is to string 2 parallel wires across the area approx (250 to 300mm apart) or (25 to 30cm apart) over the area that you need to protect and then put a wire hook from the head of the Red Tailed Hawk Bird Scarer onto one line and 2 other wire hooks from the back of the wings onto the other line.

      This method allows the Red Tailed Hawk Bird Scarers to move up and down the parallel lines as the winds change direction making the Hawk look even more real. I do hope that you can use one of these suggestions to help your situation.