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Halo 2 x 45 Aqua
Halo 2 x 45 Aqua

    Halo 2 x 45W Aqua

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      Part of the comprehensive Halo® range, the Halo® 2x45w Aqua model is suitable for use in harsh environments that may require hosing down. This IP45 rated model incorporates FEP coated shatterproof tubes and a robust 316 grade stainless steel construction, while maintaining a contemporary design.

      The double sided Halo® 2x45 Aqua is designed for ceiling suspension. With a swing down front guard, it provides complete access to the UV tubes and glueboards and the quick release lampholder covers make it extremely quick to service.



      • Stainless steel construction 
      • Commercial efficacy with a contemporary discreet aesthetic for a wide range of applications
      • Side access to glueboard for quick and easy servicing
      • Aluminium removable debris tray
      • Unique, quick release lampholder covers that protect against water ingress
      • Closable light apertures for maximum light output or prevention of dust ingress
      • Quick tool free access gives simple access to consumables for easy maintenance 
      • High efficacy shatterproof UV tubes
      • Designed for use with Glupac® glueboards with UV stabiliser, made from durable PVC that can withstand hosing down and harsh environments
      • Part of a comprehensive range of commercial glueboard flykillers
      • Independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards
      • Tubes: 6 x TPX15-18s
      • Glueboard: 2 x GB013
      • Suggested area coverage: 240m²

      Please note: This product does not come with a plug and needs to be hardwired into an appropriate power source by a qualified electrician.



      Every application is unique, so each situation requires an individual assessment for fly killer siting, however, there are basic principals that should be followed:

      • Recommend enough Electric Fly Killers to cover the area to be protected in line with the recommended coverage guidelines for each model
      • Install Electric Fly Killers away from sources of light competition, such as windows, doors and high powered luminaires
      • Consider sources of heat and airflow, such as heaters / AC units
      • Don’t install Electric Fly Killers directly above sensitive areas, such as food preparation areas
      • Glue board fly killer units should be used in sensitive applications such as food preparation or production areas
      • Consider access for installation and future servicing
      • Wherever possible, Electric Fly Killers should be positioned at 90° to sources of natural light, such as windows, doors and skylights
      • Electric Fly Killers should be positioned in between potential entry points, so as to intercept flying insects before they reach sensitive areas
      • Electric Fly Killers should not be sited either too high or too low in the area to be protected, with an optimum height of around 2m, for most flying insect species

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