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Fly & Insect Glue Traps
Fly & Insect Glue Traps
Fly & Insect Glue Traps
Fly & Insect Glue Traps

    Fly & Insect Glue Traps

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      Do you have plants, flowers orchards?

      Do you grow your own fruit and vegetables and/or trees in your back yard?

      Have flying insects always been a constant problem for your garden?

      If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, it would be safe to say that you are more than likely infested with fruit flies, white flies, black flies, midges aphids and a lot of many other flying insect pest?

      So then, it is time take action. No longer will your plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables and trees suffer at the expense of having no remedy.

      Outdoor Complete Insect Glue Trap provides just the solution that will make gardening very easy and simple.

      Outdoor Complete Insect Glue Trap is a major break-through that is changing the way people are gardening in Australia.

      This remarkable Insect Glue Trap attracts and traps flying insect pests around your plants, fruits and vegetables. It is an effective product that works in the rain, sun or wind that requires no on-going maintenance, has no poison, no chemicals and no vapours or baiting.

      The Glue Trap is a bright yellow colour and double sided (240mm x 170mm). This therefore sends out a unique colourful wavelength that attracts a broad range of small flying insects. These may include fruit flies (both male and female), black flies, white flies, shaw-flies, mosquitoes, midges and the every day-to-day small flying insect pest.

      It is effective, simple and easy to use with no mess as a result. The “Outdoor Complete” Insect Glue Traps are made with biodegradable materials and can be disposed (when wrapped in newspaper) with ordinary house hold waste after use. Each packet comes complete with hanging twist flies, with easy and simple directions. Alongside this, the traps are coated with the Outdoor Complete’s very own special “dry” glue. This effective product is safe, simple, easy and stress-free, acting as a helpful remedy against small flying insect pests.


      Q. How does the product work ?
      The Outdoor Complete double sided glue trap sends out a color wavelength that makes it irresistible for these small flying insect pest .Once they make contact with our “special dry glue” , they are trapped .You simple place it next to your plant , and adjust the height if the plant is growing.

      Q. Why is this product different to other insect traps ?
      Firstly our product works , rain, hail or shine. There are no chemicals , poison , vapors or baiting used in our product. Our product is safe , environmentally friendly and attracts a large range of male and female small flying insect pest. Providing you the great value for money.

      Q. Where can I use the glue trap ?
      The  Outdoor Complete insect glue trap may be used in your garden , balcony , verandah , nursery , green house , orchards, courtyards , vineyards e.t.c. The product may even be used as a normal fly trap.

      Q. On what products can I use the insect glue trap.
      The insect glue trap , may be used on a large variety of plants , flowers , orchards ,  fruit and vegetable and / or trees that you have.

      Q. Is the product safe and easy to use?
      Yes , the product is safe and environmentally friendly , there are no poisons, chemicals , vapors or baiting involved. The Outdoor Complete insect glue trap requires no ongoing maintenance .Once you peel the protective paper simply use the provided twist ties, adjust the height if the plant is growing.

      Q. How do I know if I have a problem and what will the insect glue trap attract ?
      A lot of people cannot see fruit flies , aphids , midges , black flies , white flies and other small flying insect pest. But if you have any plants ,flowers or orchards or grow your own fruit and vegetables and or trees .Then chances are you have a variety of small flying insect pests. We highly recommend you try our insect glue trap , and you will see the results on our product.
      Q. How long will the product last, Does Rain Effect  your Glue Trap ?
      The insect glue trap will last between 6 – 10 weeks , we recommend disposal when approximately half the trap is covered with insects. Do not worry if it rains , this is not a poisonous product like other insect traps (that get washed away, when it rains).