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Exterminex Termite Bait Stations
Exterminex Termite Bait Stations
Exterminex Termite Bait Stations

    Exterminex Termite Bait Stations

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      Pack Size: 16 Stations

      The Exterminex™ termite baiting system and highly attractive termite bait formulated in Australia provides the professional pest control operator an affordable and superior product with complete freedom of use for Stage 1 Treatment or Stage 2 Management without any site fees. The Exterminex™ stage 2 management system consists of an 80mm easy and ready to install IG (In Ground) stations loaded with kiln dried Radiata Pine and also Tasmanian Oak interceptors (DUO Timber). The system is also supplied with cellulose sand sleeves to prevent debris entering stations and also works as an attractant. The ready to install kit comes as 16 stations per box. Other components include in-concrete pot covers, augers, replacement timber and extractors.

      Exterminex is a ‘traditional’ baiting system, consisting of in-ground monitoring stations and above-ground bait stations. The monitoring stations come with two different wood blocks – one softwood and one hardwood – to maximise the attractiveness to the various termite species. A ‘sand sleeve’ is also available to prevent debris entering the bait station.


      The Exterminex™ termite management system is provided in packs of 16 ready to install. The system also includes 2 timber interceptors per station. The timber interceptors are kiln dried (hardwood and softwood) that is highly palatable to subterranean termites species in Australia. The Exterminex™ baiting system is 80mm an ideal size that is easy to install and maintain. The Exterminex™ system has large round holes that provide exposure to the timber. In addition Exterminex™ baiting stations come packed with a sand sleeve that will help settle soil during the first few months of install, prolong the life of the timber, keep soil out and also encapsulate the
      station acting as an attractant. Tests have concluded that stations installed with the Exterminex sand sleeves attract more termites, quicker.


      The Exterminex™ system requires inspections every 6-8 weeks and once termites are intercepted the bait is installed. The system is installed in 3MT intervals. Exterminex™ provide an auger for installing the stations.


      Preventive measures form part of current Australian Standard Requirements during preconstruction when a termiticide or a physical barrier is installed onto the concrete slab or foundations during the actual construction of the property. These barriers generally are designed to expose termite activity. Australian standard states that termites can bridge any form of a barrier and annual inspections should be maintained.

      Australian Standard also promotes the use of integrated systems to reduce the risk of termite attack. Exterminex Termite Baiting And Monitoring System does that and more. By installing monitoring stations we are implementing a risk-reduction program that not only acts as an early warning for termite activity, however also enables the opportunity to apply bait to the stations to obtain colony elimination of subterranean nests that are unidentifiable.

      Monitoring is generally an annual program that includes checking the stations and applying the bait when termites are intercepted, Monitoring stations are set up at the perimeter of the property to intercept and detect the presence of foraging subterranean termites. These stations are loaded with special untreated luring wood.

      Risk Reduction
      In addition to having an Exterminex termite management system installed to the perimeter of the building, it is essential to maintain annual inspections. Annual inspections should form the basis of any termite management program.

      In-Ground System (IG)
      An in-ground baiting system is typically installed in-ground surrounding a building every 3 meters. It acts as a monitoring station and also a point where once termites are intercepted. Once termites are intercepted, the bait containing the active ingredient will be placed in the monitoring station to eliminate the colony.

      Termite baits usually comprise of luring compound/attractant, alpha cellulose and toxicant. The bait may be moistened with water to emulate the food and environment termites prefer.

      Mode of Action
      Chlorfluazuron is an insect growth regulator inhibiting chitin synthesis in insects. Chitin is the main component in the exoskeletons of all insects, including termites. Termites poisoned by chlorfluazuron will not be able to synthesize chitin to repair their exoskeletons, possibly damaged by physical activities or molting. This unique active ingredient will disrupt and hinder the growth of termites which will eventually kill them as they attempt to molt. Workers will slowly die over weeks causing shortage of workers to forage for food and maintain the colony. The poisoned colony suffers from food shortage is weakened and is susceptible to colonization by other parasites and all these events will eventually eliminate the colony. Chlorfluazuron has been proven in many types of scientific research.