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Electric Duster Insect Killer
Electric Duster Insect Killer
Electric Duster Insect Killer

    Electric Duster Insect Killer

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      Hassle-Free Pest Control: Lightweight, easy-to-use design for effective pest management.

      Precise Powder Flow Control: Ensures targeted pest control, enhancing effectiveness.

      User-Friendly: Ideal for both professionals and DIY users.

      Versatile: Suitable for various environments, from gardens to homes.

      Introducing Electric Duster Insect Killer – your new ally in the fight against pests. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and perfect for anyone looking to simplify their pest control routine.

      User-Friendly and Comfortable
      The tool’s design is straightforward and ergonomic, making it comfortable for both long and short pest control sessions. Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, it’s a breeze to handle.

      Precision and Versatility Combined
      Enjoy complete control over powder flow, allowing precise targeting of pests in various settings. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of pest control tasks, from gardens to homes.

      Quick and Ready to Use
      With its quick setup, you can get started in no time, saving both time and effort. This Pestrol tool is all about bringing efficiency to your pest control practices.

      Simple Guide to Using Your Electric Dusting Sprayer
      Charging: Before you start, make sure your sprayer is fully charged. A complete charge gives you a solid 100-120 minutes of continuous work time, perfect for extensive spraying tasks.

      Filling the Sprayer: Ready to load the powder? Simply open the cover of your sprayer. Pour in your anti-termite powder, aiming to fill it about half to three-quarters full for optimal performance. Then, securely fasten the lid back on. It holds up to 100ml of powder, allowing for 20 minutes of continuous spraying.
      Begin Spraying: Now, it’s time to get down to business. Turn on the power switch and watch as the powder efficiently sprays out. For the perfect spray, just adjust the regulating valve to select the right air pressure for your needs.
      Control Powder Flow: Tailor your spraying experience by turning the top knob. This lets you adjust the flow of the powder to meet the specific requirements of your task.
      Avoid Water Damage: Never clean your sprayer under a running tap, and steer clear of using it on rainy days. Water can damage the mechanism and reduce its lifespan.
      Stick to Provided Accessories: For the best performance and safety, use only the accessories that come with the sprayer. Using third-party accessories can void the warranty and may lead to malfunctions.
      Regular Battery Maintenance: If you’re not planning to use the sprayer for an extended period, remember to charge and discharge the lithium battery once every two months. This practice helps in preserving the battery’s health and ensuring long-term reliability.

      Package Includes:

      • Electric Gun (With battery and Powder Cup)
      • Battery
      • Adaptor
      • 4Pcs Pipe
      • 1x Powder cup with cap
      • 1x Spare Battery
      • 3x Spare Nozzle