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Eco-lure Wick

    Eco-lure Wick

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      Active Constituents: 0.5mL/wick Maldison (anticholinesterase compound), 1.0mL/wick 4-(P-Acetoxyphenyl)-2-Butanone (pheromone)

      Replacement wick for use with Eco-Lure Fruit Fly Trap. 

      Replace wicks every 3 months or as required.


      • Powerful pheromone attractant is irresistible to male QLD fruit flies
      • Attracts and kills male QLD fruit flies
      • Targets only male QLD fruit fly and won’t attract beneficial insects
      • eco-lure trap will attract flies from approximately 400m

      NOTE - Not for WA as the pheromone is not attractive to Mediterranean fruit flies (Medflies).


      1. Push hook through hole in trap lid and into wick holder
      2. Hang in tree at head height.
      3. Empty trap and record fly numbers weekly.

      Hang the eco-lure trap containing the eco-lure wick within foliage of the host crop plant. Traps may be placed around the orchard perimeter to indicate source direction of flies entering the orchard. 1 or 2 traps in the centre of the orchard can be used to indicate the efficacy of the control program.

      The wicks will attract male flies from up to 400 metres. eco-lure trap catches will vary depending on local sources of infestation and fruit fly population dynamics at the time. Local experience will help to determine the significance of trap catches. eco-lure wicks should be replaced after 3 months.