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Dust Mask P2

    Dust Mask P2

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      Disposable respirator Dust Mask, providing superior fit, comfort and performance.

      Provides protection against dust, mist and fumes associated with masonry, wood, metalwork, welding and general mining.

      Valved version for easier breathing


      • Adjustable nose clip & soft nose piece
      • Heavy duty double head straps. Protects against non toxic, low to average toxicity solid & liquid aerosols. Valve reduces
        the hot air build up inside the mask for easier breathing.
      • Use with welding, lead, oils, iron & zinc fumes.
      • Lightweight disposable respirator
      • No maintenance required
      • Comfortable foam nose seal
      • One Size Fits All


      This Dust Mask must not be used in:

      • Oxygen deficient atmospheres (less than 18%)
      • Stills, tanks or other confined spaces
      • Atmospheres immediately dangerous to life and health and atmospheres containing toxic gases or vapours
      • Situations where the particulate concentration exceeds 10 times its occupational exposure limit
      • If more than 4 years from date of manufacture

      These Dust Mask should:

      • Not be cleaned and re used
      • Be changed when the filter becomes clogged
      • Be disposed of as solid waste after use