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Duke Humane Mouse Trap
Duke Humane Mouse Trap
Duke Humane Mouse Trap
Duke Humane Mouse Trap
Duke Humane Mouse Trap

    Duke Humane Mouse Trap

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      Duke Mouse Trap is the latest rodent trap we have added to our rat and mice product range. It is the most humane way to catch rodents. It is not only effective in catching rodents but also a safer alternative to harsh chemicals you may need to use otherwise.

      Simple to operate:
      You do not need to watch a Youtube video or read a long manual to operate this. It is quite a straightforward and simple product to use. Its one-way door creates a trap for the rodents and when they are trapped inside, you can carry them using the handle attached to this trap. Just put bait inside the trap and wait until it gets caught.

      A humane tool:
      Unlike other inhumane ways of catching rodents such as making cats or dogs catch them, you can simply use this tool and relax. It will do its job and make you worry-free.

      Safer alternative:
      You do not need to use harsh chemicals and worry about your kids or pets eating them. It is safer for your entire family as it does not emit harmful toxins.

      Even though very simple to operate, it is a durable product that is built to last.

      Dimensions: 300 X 150 X 110 cms

      Weight: 0.6 Kgs

      HOW TO USE

      1. Put food near the back wall of the trap.
      2. Put the trap somewhere in a dark place or where rodents do not get afraid to come nearby.
      3. When the mouse smells the food, it comes nearby and enters through the door.
      4. As the door is one-way, it cannot exit the trap.
      5. Check the trap at least once a day.
      6. When you see a little monster trapped inside, simply grab the trap by the handle.