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Double Ended Animal Trap
Double Ended Animal Trap
Double Ended Animal Trap
Double Ended Animal Trap

    Double Ended Animal Trap

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      Size: L 97cm x W 31cm x H 36cm

      • Live Catch & Release Extra Large Animal Trap
      • Live Catch & Release EXTRA Large Folding Animal Trap.
      • Heavy Duty design for the humane catch & release of Larger animals (Dogs, Foxes etc.).
      • Solid Powder-coated steel construction.
      • Opens both ends.
      • Bait station.

      New to our range of humane animal traps is the Extra Large Animal Trap. The double-ended design makes it more attractive to approaching animals. Its gives them the security of believing there is another exit. One of the largest animal traps on the market in Australia, the extra-large live animal trap is the perfect solution to securely managing wild pests and animals around your home. Ideal for foxes, dogs, cats, rabbits and possums.

      This extra large-sized, collapsible, live capture trap is used for removing and relocating medium to large-sized animals. It can be used for both domestic and commercial spaces both indoors and outdoors.

      Help maintain and restrict unwanted pest animals from inhibiting your home or work area. Protect your backyard, warehouse or roof space. We recommend placing the trap in a location where there has been proven animal activity, for example, droppings or damage to property.

      We recommend always consulting your local council legislation when dealing with native, protected species such as possums. These animals need to be treated according to the local law and fines can apply.

      If you need a smaller humane catch and release trap for possums and cats, try our Possum Trap.