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Croaked Cane Toad Control
Croaked Cane Toad Control
Croaked Cane Toad Control
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    Croaked Cane Toad Control

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      Active Ingredients - 122g/L Eugenol Croaked Brochure

      Size - 375mL

      Croaked is one of the latest products to come out of Amgrow in 2019 - with the sole purpose of assisting the control of cane toads within Australia. 

      Croaked has proven against its competitors to be the the most efficient and humane method of killing cane toads.

      Using an anesthetic formulation for the control of cane toads, allows no pain or suffering to occur to the toads, thus it is ideal for humane control of cane toads. Croaked is a ready-to-use trigger with a formulation using food-grade ingredients, containing the active ingredient, Eugenol (an extract of clove bud).

      The active constituent of Eugenol, is used as an anaesthetic on amphibians including cane toads, that quickly sedates the toad. This prevents any suffering or pain to occur to the toads, thus making it a safe and humane method of controlling the species. 

      The 375mL ready to use (RTU) bottle kills up to 150 toads - which is far more than its competitors.

      Why Australia needs Amgrow Croaked Cane Toad Control?

      Cane toads are native to South and Central America & are extremely hardy amphibians and voracious predators of insects and other small prey. These qualities led to  their introduction into Australia as a means of controlling pest beetles in the sugar cane industry in 1935, before the use of agricultural chemicals became widespread. Amgrow Croaked Cane Toad Control has been developed in association with AQUI-S New Zealand Ltd a company specializing in the manufacture and development of aquatic anesthetic( Eugenol) for aquaculture. The modified formulation of Eugenol has been found to be ideal for sedating and euthanising cane toads which is the first humane method in Australia.


      • Economical - one trigger pack treats up to 150 cane toads. 
      • Rapid immobilisation with just 1 spray
      • Fast acting - Quick kill in less than 8 minutes
      • Quick retrieval of cane toad bodies is convenient & limits secondary poisoning
      • Sedation mode of action
      • Safe to use around pets - follow directions for use on pack
      • Easy to use trigger spray

      HOW TO USE

      1. For outdoor use, please wear gloves when handling the product or toads.
      2. Shake before use.
      3. Hold sprayer 20-30cm from the toad and squirt the trigger once for small toads and twice for larger toads. (Ensure spray contacts toad).
      4. Generally, the toads will not react to the spray as its is not irritating to them. They are sedated by croaked before they die.
      5. Observe toads for 1-2 minutes, as the product will begin to take effect at this time, and the mobility of the toads will significantly decrease.
      6. If toads are still moving after 1-2 minutes, further treatment may be required.


      Use gloved hands to collect dead toads after treatment.
      Dead toads should be collected and wrapped in paper or plastic bags and placed in external household garbage.
      DO NOT spray directly on humans, pets, exposed foods, water, food preparation areas or food utensils.
      DANGEROUS TO FISH. DO NOT spray on, or within, 1 metre of fishponds or waterways, particularly under windy conditions, to avoid contamination from spray drift. Toxic to aquatic life.
      DO NOT allow chemical containers or spray to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds.
      DO NOT use this container for any other purpose.

      Brand: Amgrow
      Type: Ready to use spray
      Active Ingredients: 112g/L Eugenol
      Mixing Rate: Ready to Use
      Application Rate: Hold sprayer 20-30 cm from the toad and squirt trigger once for small toads and twice for larger toads.
      Sizes: 375ml