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Bird Scare Cannon – Electronic

    Bird Scare Cannon – Electronic

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      Bird Scare Cannon is a highly efficient and successful bird and kangaroo deterrent.

      Maximise your harvest and your profit while easily removing unwanted animals from your property.

      Introducing the Bird Scare Cannon- Electronic to our successful range of large-area bird deterrents and deterring kangaroos.

      Are pesky birds wreaking havoc on your crops and causing substantial losses? Say goodbye to these avian intruders with the revolutionary Electronic Bird Scare Cannon. Designed to protect your valuable agricultural investments, this innovative bird deterrent offers an effective and humane solution to keep your fields and orchards free from unwanted feathered visitors.

      Powered by readily available, economical propane gas. It produces an average of 120-decibel blast without harming nature and all living creatures and protects large agricultural areas/farmlands against undesirable birds and wild animals.

      How the Electronic Version differs from the Mechanical Bird Scare Cannon Gun
      Electronic Version has fastly more timing and operational features:
      You can set it for a single or double explosion
      Day / Night operation.
      Through settings, you can set when to turn it on and when to turn it off.
      More interval settings.

      Key Features

      1. Reliable Bird Deterrence: Our Bird Scare Gun employs advanced mechanics to emit startling loud sounds at adjustable intervals. These intimidating noises mimic natural predator sounds, effectively frightening away birds and preventing them from settling in your agricultural areas.

      2. Customizable Settings: Tailor the cannon’s performance to suit your specific needs. With adjustable volume levels, interval timing, and operational hours, you have complete control over when and how the scare cannon operates. This flexibility ensures optimal deterrence without causing disturbance to neighbouring areas.

      3. Weather-Resistant Design: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Bird Scare Cannon is built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions, allowing you to safeguard your crops season after season.

      4. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Setting up the device is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. The package includes clear instructions, and the cannon’s straightforward mechanics require minimal maintenance. Spend less time worrying about bird damage and more time focusing on your agricultural endeavours.

      5. Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Unlike harmful chemicals or other invasive methods, the Bird Deterrent Cannon offers a safe and eco-conscious solution. By imitating natural bird alarm signals, it encourages birds to seek refuge elsewhere without causing them harm.

      6. Versatile Application: Whether you’re cultivating crops, managing vineyards, or overseeing orchards, the Pestrol Bird Deterrent is adaptable to a wide range of agricultural settings. Protect your investment and yield by maintaining a bird-free environment.


      Utilized to deter birds in sunflower and corn fields,
      Employed as a deterrent against birds, pigs, and diverse wild animals in fruit and vegetable gardens,
      Applied to ward off birds and assorted wild animals in poultry, aquaculture, and other livestock farms,
      Employed to prevent bird intrusion in feed factories and warehouses,
      Employed as a safeguard around beehives
      Effective in mitigating bird hazards during aircraft takeoff and landing at airports.

      Product Specifications

      Material: Metal
      Power Source: Rechargeable Battery Provided (12V 7A) with Charger.
      Coverage Area: 10,000 m2
      Noise Levels: 110 – 120 db noise level range.
      1-year warranty
      Easy and simple to use.
      CE certified.
      Free Shipping
      Propane Cylinder not included.

      Don’t let bird infestations compromise your harvest and hard work any longer. Invest in the Pestrol Bird Scare Cannon –  Electronic and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a bird-free agricultural space. Elevate your crop protection strategy with cutting-edge technology that’s as efficient as it is environmentally responsible. Order today and reap the benefits of a thriving, bird-free harvest tomorrow.

      Installation & Operation

      • Inside the Product Box, you will find the following components: 1 main body, 1 end barrel labelled as (No.30), 1 fine adjustment valve designated as (No.39) for use with small tubes, and a user manual.
      • Attach the end barrel (No.30) to the main body protruding from the box. Utilize a 10-11 wrench to secure it, ensuring the barrel remains stable. The diaphragm (No.29) on the main body’s muzzle should not be removed.
      • Connect the fine adjustment valve (No.39) to the small cylinder.
      • Switch the device’s safety catch to the ON position.
      • Open the valve on the cylinder.
      • Gradually adjust the device’s upper valve (Fine regulating valve) to the 1.5 position. As you do this, you will observe the bellows beginning to inflate, followed by a “click” sound after some time. Once the inflation process is complete, the bellows will discharge and reset. The device will now detonate at regular intervals. Avoid fully opening the sensitive adjustment valve during the initial setup, as this might prevent proper detonation.
      • You can modify the burst time setting by manipulating the valve setting—opening and closing it.
      • Moving the sensitive adjustment valve towards the zero position (0) will prolong the device’s detonation timing.
      • Operate the device within a blasting time range of 2 to 20 minutes. Please do not use it for durations shorter or longer than this range.
      • Apply engine oil to lubricate the device once per week.
      • When not using the device, close the valve and switch it to the SAFETY position.
      • For operating the device with a larger tube, please inquire with our company about obtaining a regulator. Note that this may incur an additional charge.


      If you observe that the safety is engaged upon receiving the device initially or during subsequent use, ensure that the silicone hose depicted in drawing-3 is not obstructed or crushed. A blocked silicone hose could impede gas flow. If it is obstructed, unscrew the hose, gently open it using your fingers, and then reposition it.

      During the initial startup, the gas in the bellows might not fully fill the gas tank, potentially leading to a weak or silent initial explosion. In this case, wait for the hammer to fall again while the fine adjustment valve is set to the 2 position.