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Bird Off Deterrent
Bird Off Deterrent
Bird Off Deterrent

    Bird Off Deterrent

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      • Designed specifically for raptors and larger birds
      • Discourages both perching and nesting
      • Humane and environmentally friendly
      • Quick and safe installation
      • Has excellent self-washing characteristics
      • Extremely versatile for a multitude of structures in both transmission & distribution systems

      The steel bird repellent is an effective and humane way to keep birds away from your property. The Galvanized steel bird spikes can be installed on various surfaces, including high-voltage line towers, substations, farms, orchards, balconies, roofs, and boat poles. The bird spikes are made of rustproof galvanized steel and can be bent to fit the contours of the surface on which they are being installed.

      The bird spikes do not require any assembly and are easy to install. Once in place, the bird spikes will effectively deter birds from landing or nesting on the protected surface. As a result, the steel bird repellent is an ideal way to keep your property free of birds.


      • Material: Stainless steel
      • Length of the spike: 60cm
      • Spike quantity Per piece: 25 spikes
      • Width: 7cm
      • Clamp gap: 2cm
      • Weight: 0.9kg
      • Galvanized steel bird off repellent is commonly used by power transmission and distribution operators to reduce the risk of line flashovers and electrocutions. Galvanized steel bird repellent is also used by telecommunication operators to reduce the need for maintenance on microwave installations.