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Avipoint P20 Pigeon Spikes
Avipoint P20 Pigeon Spikes
Avipoint P20 Pigeon Spikes
Avipoint P20 Pigeon Spikes

    Avipoint P20 Pigeon Spikes

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      AVIPOINT™ P20 Pigeon Spikes is a versatile range of precision engineered pigeon spikes designed to provide effective and humane control of problem urban birds. The upward pointing wires or 'spikes' act as a physical barrier to the birds without hurting them. The clever design means that just three types of pigeon spikes provide the solution to virtually every situation where pigeon spikes are suitable. This reduces the need to carry several different stock lines.

      The AVIPOINT™ 'P' series pigeon spikes can be used to protect buildings against pigeons in a wide variety of situations, from day time perching to night roosting sites and from the narrowest pipes to the widest of building ledges.

      There are three types of pigeon spikes in the range: Avipoint P14 - Avipoint P20 - Avipoint P32. The number refers to the number of spikes on each strip.

      Bird Species - Pigeons, gulls, starlings
      Bird Activity - Day-time perching, night-time roosting and some nesting areas.
      Infestation - From light to heavily infested areas.
      Where to Use - Avipoint P14 are ideal for narrow pipes and ledges. Avipoint P20 and Avipoint P32 Pigeon Spikes are recommended for wider ledges and surfaces.
      Substrate - Masonry, Steelwork (stainless and galvanised), lead, PVC, PPC, ceramic tiles, glass
      Strip Length - 33cm
      Material Wires - Heavy-duty 1.4mm, 302 grade stainless steel.
      Tips of the Wires - Cut flat to prevent injury to the birds and installers.
      Material Base - UV light protected polycarbonate.
      Life Expectancy - 10 years
      Installation - Using a suitable adhesive or clip is critical to increasing life expectancy. Follow ‘How to Install’ Guidelines to achieve longest possible lifetime
      Visibility (wires) - Stainless steel are far less visible than plastic spikes
      Visibility (base) - Low profile base (5mm high) will not be seen from the ground level looking upwards
      Base Colour - Slightly cloudy clear base blends well with most surfaces irrespective of the surface colour
      Recyclable - Both the wires and bases are made from recycled material
      Speed of Install - AVIPOINT™ P20 Pigeon Spikes are quicker to install than other bird deterrent systems
      Easy to Glue -  Patented Glue-Guide that makes the application of adhesive easier and allows raid, mess fee adhesive use. The cutter tool speeds up the whole process, as it makes the opening of the tube easy and allows a quick and easy cutting of the nozzle to achieve the ultimate bead size.
      Easy to Clip - AVIPOINT™ Aviclips easily clip onto the spike bases, but once on, they stay secure. Aviclips allow quick installation of previously difficult situations.
      Carry More - Stacks inside each other, not only can you carry 5m of spikes in one.
      Transport More - A 50m carton can be easily carried; to the ledge and up on a hoist, saving time retrieving Bird Spikes

      Greatest Effectiveness

      To improve effectiveness the pigeon spikes must be carefully selected to suit the species of bird and level of infestation. Longer pigeon spikes are required for gull proofing and a greater density of pigeon spikes for heavier infestations. It is also important that pigeon spikes are appropriate for the width of ledge involved, positioned correctly, and secured effectively with appropriate adhesive or clips.

      Longest Lifetime

      Material quality is equally important to the lifetime of pigeon spikes. Stainless steel pigeon spikes have the longest life expectancy and the use if high tensile strength stainless steel in particular means birds cannot easily push them out of the way or bend them out of shape. UV-protection of polycarbonate bases further offers a valuable safeguard against cracking or breaking through prolonged exposure to sunlight. And cleaning-off and priming surfaces to key-in adhesives and employing adhesives that provide a strong bond regardless of conditions are also important.

      Least Visibility

      AVIPOINT™ P20 Pigeon Spikes are far less visible than plastic ones because they do not reflect sunlight and attract far less dirt, continuing to remain tidy and unobtrusive over an extended period. Low profile bases should be specified to reduce visibility from the ground, with translucent plastic blending well into most building surfaces.

      Quickest Installation

      Although AVIPOINT™ P20 Pigeon Spikes are by far the easiest proofing system, a whole host of things can substantially improve installation ease and speed. Closely-stacked AVIPOINT™ Spikes strips that fit easily to hand, for instance, allow the greatest number to be carried and fixed at a time. Snap lines in the bases make it easy to break strips down to the right size. Glue guides enable rapid, mess-free adhesive application. And specially developed clips are invaluable in proofing gutters, windows and beams.