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Animal Trap Cover
Animal Trap Cover
Animal Trap Cover
Animal Trap Cover
Animal Trap Cover

    Animal Trap Cover

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      • Security and Privacy: Offers captured animals a sense of security, significantly reducing stress.
      • Noise Reduction: Isolates animals from noisy environments, creating a calm, hidden space for relaxation.
      • Windproof Design: Features three corner clasp locks to keep the cover firmly in place, even in heavy wind.
      • Easy Transport: Equipped with a top zipper for cage handle access, allowing for easy movement without removing the cover. 

      Designed to be used specifically with our Possum, Feral Cat and Rabbit Traps. This will fit other animal traps that are 66cm in length by 24cm wide by 26cm high.

      Introducing the Possum, Cat, and Rabbit Trap Cover, a thoughtful solution designed to make the trapping process as stress-free as possible for small animals.

      Designed with the well-being of the animal in mind, this cover transforms a standard trap into a safe and calm space. Let’s delve into how this cover can make a difference.

      Soothing Stress with a Simple Solution
      First off, this animal trap cage cover brings much-needed peace to captured animals. As soon as you cover the trap, it provides a sense of security and privacy, making the animal as comfortable as possible. This simple act greatly reduces their stress, making the capture process more humane and less daunting for them.

      Creating a Sanctuary of Silence
      Moreover, our cover acts like a kennel, offering your unwanted guests a quiet retreat. It effectively isolates animals from overwhelming noises, minimizing the impact of external stimuli. By providing a hidden area, the cover helps animals find a moment of peace, even in stressful situations.

      Built to Withstand and Simplify
      Furthermore, we’ve designed this cover to be both windproof and removable. It comes equipped with three corner clasp locks to ensure it stays put, even during heavy winds. Plus, the top zipper feature allows for easy handling of the trap without needing to remove the cover. This means you can relocate the trap with ease, ensuring the animal remains undisturbed and calm throughout the process.

      The Possum, Cat, and Rabbit Trap Cover isn’t just an accessory; it’s a step towards more compassionate animal trapping. Whether you’re dealing with an adventurous possum, a stray cat, or an intruding rabbit, this cover ensures their safety and comfort from capture to release. Opt for a kinder approach to trapping with our specially designed trap cover, and make a positive impact on your local wildlife.

      Product Specification:
      Colour: Black
      Sizes: This will fit other animal traps that are 66cm in length by 24cm wide by 26cm high.
      Material: Oxford Fabric – (Coating is UV resistant)