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What you will need:

Ladder Wire Cutters Pliers Work Gloves Solar Panel Wire Mesh Solar Panel Mesh Fasteners

  • Ladder
  • Wire Cutters / Snips
  • Pliers
  • Work Gloves
  • 30m Roll of Black UV PVC Coated Wire Mesh
  • 100pk Solar Panel Mesh Fasteners

1. Fold end of solar panel mesh roll to 45 degrees

2. Fit fastener cap to end of fastener hook

3. Start at one corner of the solar panel array. Hold the wire mesh to the corner of the panel level with the top of the panel framework. Insert the fastener hook through the mesh with hook facing upwards and connect to the underside of the panel framework.

4. Hold the end of the fastener with one hand or pliers and slide the fastener cap until holding the mesh tight against the panel frame.

5. Repeat this process and work your way around the panel installing a fastener approximately every 30cm.

6. Fold the mesh corners over and under each other to finish the corners and trim the fasteners back to the fastener cap

For inside corners it is suggested that the mesh be cut to halfway up from the bottom to allow the mesh to be folded to shape.

For rails and switch gear you will need to cut windows or flaps to so that you can mold the mesh around.