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What you will need:

Ladder or Scissor LiftCaulking Gun Adhesive Cloth

  • Ladder or alternative height access i.e scissor lift, scaffolding, etc
  • Caulking Gun
  • Neutral cure silicon adhesive
  • Cloth or rag for cleaning surfaces prior to installation

Installation of bird spikes is essentially very simple. However there are a few things to consider prior to installation.

1. Height Access

For most residential and small commercial jobs a ladder will be sufficient for the job. For larger scale jobs such as car park buildings, loading docks, commercial buildings, etc you will probably need something more substantial such as a scissor lift, boom lift or even scaffolding. When working at heights having a safe, stable work platform is crucial but these also allow you to carry more materials (i.e more spikes) cover a bigger area at one time, and even have two people installing at once. This all saves on time and labour costs.

2. Cleaning surfaces of debris and bird droppings

In order to get the best adhesion of the bird spikes, the surfaces must first be cleaned free of dust, debris and any bird droppings. Use a wet cloth and suitable cleaning product to wipe surfaces clean. Be careful when cleaning bird droppings as these can carry several diseases that can cause respiratory issues such as bronchitis. It is a good idea to wear a dust mask when cleaning bird droppings.

3. Installation

Now that you have the appropriate height access and have cleaned the surfaces free of debris you can commence the installation process. The most common method of bird spike installation is the use of a neutral cure silicon adhesive such as Avisil. Run a bead of silicon along the entire base of the bird spike strip and press down firmly onto the ledge. Repeat this process with subsequent pieces and link on to the end of the previous piece. Ensure there is no gap between strips. See images below showing this process.

Installation 1 Installation 2Installation 3 Installation 4