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Commercial Bug Zapper 40W

    Commercial Bug Zapper 40W

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      Model BZCOM40 offers modern, functional design and is perfect for indoor and commercial spaces. It’s compact design is made possible by the use of CFL UV lamps, instead of conventional 24 inch / 61cm UV tubes used in competitor products. The unit features low profile sides to ensure the widest UV light coverage for greater flying pest attraction .

      The BZCOM40 features 3 power saving 13W UV lamps housed in a stylish aluminium casing. The unit can be hung, wall mounted or placed on a flat surface. For best effect, place away from other light sources and human activity.

      It’s vertical grid means dead bugs drop directly from the unit, resulting in the need for less frequent cleaning.The unit’s killing power is generated by transformer. This has the advantage of providing a more sustained burst to kill even larger pests.

      The BZCOM40 UV lamps have been designed to produce a peak light output at a wavelength of 365nm in the UVA band. Mosquitoes and other light attracted pests are naturally attracted to this wavelength. Attracted pests include mosquitoes, moths & midges – pests that are most active from dusk till dawn. The unit will also attract and kill flies, however during daylight hours, flies may be drawn towards sunlight coming through any nearby windows, in preference to the zapper’s lamps.

      Measurements: W52.1cm x H33.7cm x D11cm.