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Battleaxe Pro Aerosol
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol Crack & Crevice Nozzle
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol Space Spray Nozzle
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol Applications
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol spraying spiders web
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol spraying wardrobe for silverfish
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol spraying wasps nest
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol spraying bed for bed bugs
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol spraying oven for cockroaches
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol spraying rubbish bin for flies
Battleaxe Pro Aerosol spraying skirting boards for bed bugs

    Battleaxe Pro Aerosol

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      • Australian family owned manufacturer
      • Extremely fast knockdown
      • Comes in a large 420g aerosol can
      • Works on a wide range of household and commercial insect pests
      • Comes with a handy crack and crevice applicator for targeted application
      • Very popular with pest control technicians

      BattleaxePRO® Professional Crack & Crevice Aerosol is an aerosol formulation containing both long lasting and vapour-acting knockdown components.  It can be fitted with a nozzle extension to allow treatment of cracks and crevices.


      • Broad spectrum or activity
      • Fast knockdown
      • Long residual activity
      • Convenient ready to use
      • Ideal for small touch up situations
      • Ideal for the detection and control of cockroaches and other Public Health insects
      • Massive 420g industrial value pack
      • SPECIAL 360 degree valve allows pack to be turned upside  down for application into tight places
      • Powerful 3 way mix of propoxur, tetramethrin and PBO
      • Registered for treatment of bed bugs on mattresses, bed frames and skirting boards!
      • CFC FREE – It’s okay to spray!
      • Kills anything with 6 or more legs

      BattleaxePRO features a custom made extra long 15 cm extension tube for reaching far into cracks and crevices.  The extension tube on BattleaxePRO features a large internal bore which provides excellent spray dispersion at the tip to distribute product where it is needed.  This extension nozzle has been designed with a ‘tight’ fit to ensure no leakage around the actuator button.

      NOTE:  The first few times the product is used it may be easier to pop the actuator button from the can and insert the nozzle before re-attaching to the nib of the can (ensure your extension nozzle is facing away from you to prevent inadvertent spraying onto the operator)


      • Bed bugs
      • ants
      • spiders
      • fleas
      • mosquitoes
      • silverfish
      • clothes moths
      • carpet beetles
      • cockroaches
      • millipedes
      • earwigs
      • slaters
      • woodlice
      • pillbug
      • european wasp

      Brand: Sundew
      Type: Aerosol
      Active Ingredients: 20g/kg Propoxur, 2g/kg Tetramethrin, 10g/kg Piperonyl Butoxide
      Mixing Rate: Ready to Use
      Application Rate: Spray crawling insects and infested areas using the supplied crack and crevice extension tube inserted into the harbourage. Apply as a barrier spray around inaccessible places.
      Size: 420g