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  • Rodenthor Gel Rodenticide Rodenthor Gel Rodenticide
  • Rodenthor Gel Rodenticide Rodenthor Gel Rodenticide

Rodenthor Gel Rodenticide

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0.05g/kg Brodifacoum
300g NET

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Introducing LipoGel Technology™ - A New Dimension in Rodenticides

RODENTHOR® GEL Rodenticide brings a new concept to the rodenticide market with our pioneering LipoGel Technology™. This technology allows us to blend various vegetable fats and proteins, enriched with cereals and sugars, with specially derived Lurent Aromatics™, to create a soft, creamy bait which retains high qualities of long-term stability, attraction, moisture retention and very high palatability.


RODENTHOR GEL is ready-to-use in a 300 g caulking tube. This ensures rapid bait deployment, without the worry of spillage. Supplied in a caulking tube. This means it is simply applied with a caulking gun, which allows it to be placed more quickly into bait Stations, without the worry of spillage. It is recommended for use in RODENTHOR Rodent Stations, or for placement deep into cracks and crevices  or situations inaccessible to traditional baits. Of course, it must NOT be applied out in the open and it is essential to place so it is accessible ONLY to the target rodent pests.  RODENTHOR GEL can be dispensed quickly into a rodent Station when used in sensitive areas where food production occurs. Its unique formulation ensures high adhesiveness within a range of extreme temperatures (-18 °C - 54 °C). This special property reduces the spillage risk

Lurent Aromatics

Since rats in particular are driven more by scent than taste, RODENTHOR GEL contains a unique blend of distinctive aromas that Norway rats and roof rats find exceptionally inviting. These aromas draw the rodents to your LipoGel placements. What are Lurent Aromatics™? Since rats in particular are driven more by scent than taste, RODENTHOR GEL contains a unique blend of distinctive aromas that Norway and roof rats find exceptionally inviting. These aromas draw the rodents to the LipoGel placements.

Increased Water Content for Maximum Palatability and Results

The high moisture content provides for improved palatability, and brodifacoum’s rapid absorption into the rodents’ soft tissues ensures faster kill.

The Very Best of Italian Cuisine

RODENTHOR GEL is prepared to our exacting Australian specifications using only the finest food ingredients, including durum wheat; at our state-of-the-art production facility in Italy. RODENTHOR GEL is produced in our state-of-the-art rodent food production facility in Italy, using only the finest food ingredients, including durum wheat, to our exacting Australian specifications. This is one of the largest rodent food production facilities in Europe. Of course, RODENTHOR GEL is blended specially to suit the taste palette of Australian rats and mice, which you may be surprised to learn are quite different to those of their European and American ‘cousins’


RODENTHOR GEL is formulated to ensure high-adhesion to any type of surface, so it stays in your Stations and is not taken out by the rodents; as often occurs with block baits or soft bait sachets.

RODENTHOR GEL does not melt and run, as you can see in the above photo taken on a vertical surface after storage at 54 oC for 14-days!

Doesn't set or harden

RODENTHOR® GEL Rodenticide brings a new dimension to the rodenticide market through its innovative formulation exploiting Ensystex’s pioneering LipoGel Technology™. This technology allows us to blend, in a balanced and stable manner, various vegetable fats and proteins, enriched with cereals and sugars, together with specially derived Lurent Aromatics™, to create a soft, creamy bait which retains high qualities of long-term stability, attraction, moisture retention and palatability.

RODENTHOR GEL uses brodifacoum within an increased water-active LipoGel formulation to provide rapid efficacy as well as the convenience and capacity of rapid baiting. The availability of brodifacoum in this format gives rapid absorption into the rodents’ soft tissues for faster kill. The Lurent Aromatics™ ensure the rodents are lured to the bait where the high moisture content provides for improved palatability and faster results.

Stays Where You Put It

RODENTHOR GEL is formulated to ensure high-adhesion to any type of surface. In fact, the unique formulation ensures high adhesiveness in all weather conditions, and it doesn’t freeze under typical climatic conditions. This means it should stay in your Stations and not be removed by the rodents, as can occur with block baits or soft bait sachets. RODENTHOR GEL is totally unique.

  • It doesn’t dry out in dry environments, it stays moist and attractive;
  • It doesn’t degrade in damp environments;
  • It doesn’t freeze at low temperatures; and
  • It doesn’t melt at high temperatures.

These unique properties reduce the risk of 'spillage' and are confirmed in the above pictures from laboratory vertical stress test used to check the gel’s adhesive quality.


For Better Performance
Brodifacoum was selected as the active since it is the most potent of agent for killing rats and mice. It is a true single-feed active.

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