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Slugga Snail & Slug Trap
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    Slugga Snail & Slug Trap

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      Traps and kills all day/every day.

      Safe and very effective.

      Non-toxic, hard-wearing and re-usable.

      Place the bowl of the Snail & Slug Trap in the ground and fill with beer or yeast dissolved in water.

      Slugs and Snails are attracted by the yeast and drown in the liquid.

      A very effective and environmentally friendly way to trap slugs and snails without any chemicals, pellets or sprays. The trap simply relies on the irresistible attraction that beer or soapy water has on slugs and snails

      At last! A safe system allows you to trap and kill slugs and snails without damaging your garden habitat or wildlife.

      Use safe poison-free baits such as beer and yeast for complete peace of mind.