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Electric ULV Sprayer Fogger
Electric ULV Sprayer Fogger
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    Electric ULV Sprayer Fogger

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      This electric ultra low volume sprayer is perfect for dispersion of agricultural and chemical products. This professional series unit is of a high quality construction using stainless steel, aluminium and plastics. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors use this mister will disinfect hospitals, buildings, farm stables, warehouses and much more.

      ULV is a great choice when needing to apply chemicals indoors or when the chemical being applied is succeptable to damage when being applied in a thermal unit. Ultra low volume (ULV) still achieves very fine droplet sizes allowing penetration into dense foliage as well a cupboards, cavities and carpets etc.


      • Lightweight and portable, ideal for indoors.
      • Efficient distribution of water based herbicides, pesticides and chemicals.
      • Suitable for use with water as the carrier fluid.
      • Reliable and durable construction from high quality materials.
      • Comfortable, ergonomic design with carry handle.
      • Large chemical tank capacity.
      • Suitable for both in-door and out-door use.
      • Adjustable particle size range and automatic starter.
      • Long spray distance for reaching difficult to access areas
      • Simple to control and adjust.

      240V ULV Sprayer uses:

      • Applying herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals.
      • Disinfection of buildings, hotels, hospitals, bedrooms, bathrooms, roof cavities.
      • Disinfection of horse stables, farms, sheds & barns, factories.
      • Mosquito and insect control.
      • Sanitising, disinfecting and cleaning.
      • Spraying livestock


      Chemical Container Volume 7L
      Chemical Consumption / Dispersion Rate 60L / hr
      Weight 5kg (unloaded)
      Particle size range 5-50um
      Misting Range 12m
      Power 1.6kw, 240V
      Dimensions 490x290x260 (LxWxH)
      Warranty 1yr