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  • Phantom Pressurised Insecticide Phantom Pressurised Insecticide

Phantom Pressurised Insecticide

Quick Overview

Brand: BASF
Type: Pressurised Insecticide
Active Ingredient: 5 g/kg Chlorfenapyr
Mixing Rate: Ready-To-Use
Application Rate: Apply as a surface application where insects are likely to rest, harbour, live and breed for up to 3 months residual control
Size: 500g


Availability: In stock


Experience the Power of Dry with Prescription Treatment Brand Phantom Pressurised Insecticide.

Phantom Pressurised Insecticide is a ready-to-use formulation that kills a broad spectrum of pests including cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Phantom Pressurised can be used outdoors or indoors as a Crack & Crevice or precision spot treatment, and is also labelled for food-handling areas.

Compared to ordinary sprays that leave a residue, Phantom pressurised insecticide delivers the active ingredient more effectively by drying in crystals without leaving a visible residue.

Control general pests in commercial accounts easier and faster than ever. When it comes to controlling pests in commercial accounts, Phantom pressurised insecticide delivers trustworthy performance and flexibility that has defined the success of Phantom termiticide-insecticide:

  • The only liquid nonrepellent, non-IGR labeled for indoor general pest control including commercial food handling areas.
  • Will not disperse or lock in pests.
  • Pests are exposed to the active ingredient either by ingestion or contact.
  • Effective on pyrethcaroid-resistant strains of bed bugs and cockroaches.
  • Formulation dries in crystals for enhanced bioavailability.
  • Ready-to-use formulation reduces overuse and eliminates mixing and cleanup.
  • Kills on contact a broad spectrum of pests in commercial accounts, including bed bugs, bed bug eggs *, ants and cockroaches.
  • Approved for use in food handling and non-food-handling areas for commercial accounts.
  • Leaves no visible residue.
  • Reduced pesticide load and precision application that make sense to your customers and for your business.
  • System III compatible
  • Pests can't detect it
  • Targeted precision application
  • No more cockroaches running everywhere
  • Schedule treatments during working hours
  • Food and handling safe HACCP Approved

Phantom pressurized insecticide is also labeled for:

  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Flies
  • Scorpions
  • Spiders
  • Wasps

Pests can't detect it. They can't avoid it.

Phantom is powered by state of the art non-repellant technology that makes it undetectable to pests. This means pests can’t avoid it and continue to repeatedly cross through treated areas. No trapping of insects inside commercial or domestic treated zones. As part of an effective Intergrated Pest Management program Phantom pressurised is the perfect partner with Gel baits like Goliath Cockroach gel.

The Delayed-action Motality Effect

Slow paralysis—Phantom attacks pests from inside their own bodies once ingested, by preventing their cells from generating energy. This leads to paralysis, and ultimately, death. However, this process is not instantaneous, which means pests will freely enter the treatment zone.

No accumulation of dead cockroaches—Phantom will not cause an accumulation of dead cockroaches or ants in a particular spot. (A pile of dead insects can alarm nestmates.)

Pests appear normal—Pests continue to behave normally and go about their regular routines for a short time before dying. There is nothing about their behavior or death to tip off others to the presence of Phantom.

Easy-to-use precise application

The ready-to-use formulation reduces overuse and eliminates the need for mixing and cleanup. And, because it is precisely applied, Phantom Pressurised helps reduce pesticide load – a win-win for your customers and your business.

  • New formulation dries in ‘crystals’ for enhanced bioavailability and faster performance on numerous substrates (porous, non-porous and high organic matter).
  • Ready-to-use formulation reduces overuse and eliminates mixing
  • Broad spectrum control for commercial accounts, including cockroaches, ants, stored product and bed bugs
  • HACCP endorced and approved for food-handeling use
  • System III compatible
  • Will not disperse or ‘lock in’ pests.
  • Pests are exposed to the active ingredient either by ingestion or contact.
  • Remains highly effective in high organic matter substrates and is not subject to rapid breakdown with detergents and cleaning agents.
  • Effective on pyerthrioid-resistant strains of cockroaches and bed bugs.

Crystallisation technology delivers fast performance and no residues

No visible residues on the surface —Phantom Pressurized delivers its active ingredient by drying in crystals. No more white marks on surfaces or staining.

Faster performance—These ‘crystals’ ensure enhanced bioavailability and faster performance on numerous substrates - porous, non-porous, and highly organic matter. The product remains on these surfaces, making it available for pests to pick it up and transfer it to their nestmates.

Resists rapid breakdown—In high organic matter substrates, Phantom Pressurised remains highly effective, and compared to many conventional products, it resists rapid breakdown from high pH environments associated with detergents and cleansing agents.

See the difference. Your customers will too.

  • No cockroaches running everywhere as pests don’t get flushed out
  • No visible residue
  • Less chance of contamination issues on food preparation surfaces
  • Can schedule treatments during working hours — no more out of hours calls
  • Perfect fit with cockroach gel baits like Goliath cockroach Gel
  • No need to isolate treatments

APVMA Approval No.: 67325

Additional Information

Brand BASF
Availability in stock
Condition new
GTIN 9324423010288
Size No
Colour No
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Type No
Metres No
Option No
Seals No
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