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In most homes you will find spiders, but unfortunately their presence is not welcomed and ends in their death. Even when they are located in the garden, their role in pest control of plants is not realised by many homeowners. Spiders play a very important role in our environment by controlling pests that they prey on and should be regarded with respect. Spiders are important components of the environment and most spiders are not aggressive. Australia is the home to a number of spiders whose bite is toxic including the Sydney Funnelweb, Northern Rivers Funnelweb, Redback, Whitetail, Black House and Wolf Spiders.

Spiders can be controlled with a variety of liquid residual insecticides, dusts & powders and aerosol sprays. We supply liquid insecticide concentrates, ready to use formulations and insecticidal dusts for the management of pest spiders in and around your home.

Spiders - Imperator


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