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There are three main rodent pests of houses and businesses in Australia - all introduced. They are the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat and the House Mouse. Rats are commonly known for contaminating food because of the diseases they carry, which is then destroyed. This occurs at the site of harvesting, storage and manufacture, as well as in homes, restaurants and hotels. The diseases are caused from faecal, urine and fur contamination. Rats also cause damage by gnawing on objects to keep their front teeth to a functional size. Things like timbers, furniture and electrical wiring have been damaged this way and in some cases resulting in house fires.

Rats often enter buildings looking for shelter, particularly during late autumn and winter making their nests in wall cavities and roof voids. There are a variety of different rat control methods including the use of rat poison or rat bait, installation of rat traps - both humane live catch and snap traps, as well as ultrasonic deterrents.

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