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Many moth species are serious and costly pests of agriculture and horticulture. In urban situations, stored products such as grains, cereals, dried fruits and fabrics of animal origin may be attacked by various moth species. Two of the more common household moth pests are the Clothes Moth and the Indian Meal Moth otherwise known as the Pantry Moth. 

Clothes Moth - Clothing items affected by clothes moths can be sterilised by hot wash or wrapping in black plastic and exposing to the sun for 2 - 3 hours. Use Clothes Moth Traps and a liquid residual insecticide such as Delforce or Coopex Residual to treat storage areas and affected carpets. 

Pantry Moth - When an infestation occurs, affected food items should be discarded. Use Pantry Moth traps and pyrethrin based sprays to control.

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