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Cane Toads

Cane Toads are an invasive species of toad found mainly in Queensland, northern New South Wales and Northern Territory. Cane Toads are an introduced species to Australia intended for the control of cane beetle. Cane Toads have rapidly multiplied since their introduction and spread diseases causing widespread environmental damage to native species.

Humane control of cane toads can be best achieved using Hop Stop Cane Toad spray. Hop Stop is an aerosol spray that is sprayed directly onto toads without any need to touch the animals. It anaesthetises toads within seconds, and kills them humanely in 30 ‐ 60 minutes. Toads are physically unmarked by the treatment, and do not display unacceptable physical signs of distress or trauma as a consequence of treatment. In fact Hop Stop is recommended by the RSPCA for toad control.

Cane Toads - Amgrow


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