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Birds frequently become pests, and control measures must be taken to relieve the many problems created by their presence. Some common bird pests include Pigeons, Indian Mynas, Seagulls, English Sparrows, European Starlings. The information below can be used as a guide to help you choose the right products.

BIRD SPIKES - One of the most popular forms of bird control for buildings and structures, bird spikes are strips of vertical or slightly angled rods. Bird Spikes prevent birds from landing on building ledges, pipes, awnings, beams, etc without causing harm to the bird.

BIRD NETTING - Bird netting is commonly used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas. Bird netting can be used on buildings to block out pigeons, starlings, etc from landing, nesting or roosting in certain areas such as loading docks, car parks, plant rooms, entrance awnings, etc. In agricultural situations bird netting can be used to protect fruit trees, grape vines or crops from damage caused by birds.

BIRD DETERRENTS - Where the options above are not suitable, various forms of bird deterrents can be used to scare birds away such as replica hawks, reflective tape, ultrasonic devices, etc.

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2 Item(s)