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Bird Traps

Bird Traps are traps designed for live capture of certain non-protected species of birds such as Indian Mynas and Pigeons. Our bird traps are commercial quality and easy to use.

Indian Myna Trap - One of the most effective forms of Indian Myna bird control is the use of a Myna Magnet Trap. Myna birds are extremely intelligent so most bird deterrents are ineffective or only effective for the short term. Myna birds are among the worlds top 100 most invasive species. They are aggressive and compete with native animals for space. Myna birds force other birds and small mammals out of their own nests and tree hollows, and even throw other bird’s eggs and chicks out of their nests. As a result, Myna bird population reduction is the best way to manage this environmentally destructive pest. This can be best achieved by trapping with a Myna Magnet trap.

Bird Traps - Pestrol


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2 Item(s)