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  • Feather Scare Crow Feather Scare Crow
  • Feather Scare Crow Feather Scare Crow
  • Feather Scare Crow Feather Scare Crow
  • Feather Scare Crow Feather Scare Crow
  • Feather Scare Crow Feather Scare Crow

Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent


Bird Scare Humming Line

Feather Scare Crow


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Mimicking the appearance and feel of a real crow, the Visual Feather Scare Crow is indistinguishable from the real thing to birds.

Hang it upside down to scare away crows and ravens who will be convinced there’s danger nearby.

Hang it right-side up to scare away smaller birds, like sparrows, starlings or pigeons, with the appearance of a frightening predator.

The Visual Scare crow can be used to scare both large and small birds from your roof, patio, garden or yard. Hanged right side up it will scare off sparrows, starlings, pigeons and other small birds. Hanged upside down it will convince crows and ravens of danger and they will stay away. It’s perfect for the roof, because it only needs to be hanged once. Made of real feathers, it’s incredibly life-like in appearance. Your pests will definitely be fooled.


  • Effective against both large birds (crows and ravens) and small birds (pigeons, starlings, sparrows)
  • Effective control with no noise, chemicals or poisons
  • Nothing to maintain (simply hang it and it will start working instantly to scare away birds)
  • No need to worry about batteries or electricity (Ideal for high places)
  • Portable – take it with you when you’re camping or RVing.
  • Visual Scare Crow repels large and small birds
  • Keeps away sparrows, starlings, pigeons, crows, and many other birds
  • Lifelike-construction fools birds
  • Made with real feathers
  • Humane, chemical-free, non-toxic
  • Durable construction

Additional Information

Brand Birds Off Boats
Availability in stock
Condition new
GTIN 8 78312 00013 7
Size No
Colour No
Quantity No
Type No
Metres No
Option No
Seals No
Scent No
Manufacturer No
Fitting No

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