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Fogging Machines

There are two types of fogging machines or foggers used in the pest control industry - thermal foggers and cold foggers (ULV). Thermal foggers use heat in the fogging process. Thermal foggers use heat to vaporise a fogging solution and spray it out in form of a fog. Thermal foggers are equipped with a heat barrel that gets preheated to high temperatures using either a propane gas or electricity depending on the type of a fogger. ULV foggers, or cold foggers, are equipped with motors that produce a high power, low-pressure air stream. Same as with thermal foggers, the fogging solution is stored in a tank and when fogger is operating the fogging liquid gets pumped out of the tank. The liquid solution gets sprayed out of the nozzle in form of a fog or a fine mist. Foggers are commonly used in mosquito and other insect control,  odour and mould control in indoor areas, for disinfection, to apply pesticides to plants, getting rid of insect pests in warehouses, etc.

Fogging Machines - Longray


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2 Item(s)