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Insect Bait

Insect baits are extremely effective in controlling social insects such as ants, cockroaches and termites. Baits can also be effectively used to control other pests such as flies, fruit flies, snails & slugs. Insect baits are made of an attractive food based product that has been combined with either an insecticide or insect growth regulator (IGR). The insect will feed on the bait and bring it back to the colony where it will share the bait with others. Over a period of time the colony will become affected by the bait and will be eliminated. An example of this is ant baits. IGRs don't kill outright but rather disrupt insect or colony development by preventing immature insects from completing growth to the adult stage. An example of this is termite bait. Insect baits are an alternative to the use of toxic chemicals in sensitive locations.

Insect Bait - Eco Organic Garden


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