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Bug Zappers

Bug zappers are popular devices used to control flying insects including flies, mosquitoes, moths, midges, etc in both indoor and outdoor areas. Indoor bug zappers are more commonly used to control flies in residential and commercial situations including homes, commercial kitchens, cafes, restaurants, fast food shops, pubs & clubs, hotels, etc. Outdoor bug zappers are more commonly used to control mosquitoes, moths, midges and other biting insects in outdoor entertaining areas, bbq areas, swimming pools, balconies, patios, etc. Bug Zappers attract flying insects with ultraviolet lamps. When the flying insect enters the device they are electrocuted on an electrical grid.

If you require an indoor bug zapper for control of flies in a food processing situation please click here for our range of indoor models

Bug Zappers - Pestrol


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5 Item(s)