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  • Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe
  • Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe
  • Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe
  • Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe

Black Ant Control Kit - Deluxe

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The complete 'Do It Yourself' DELUXE Black Ant Control Kit



Step 1. Mix the Delforce insecticide with water according to the directions on the label (found on the side of the bottle).

Step 2. Using a suitable sprayer apply the mixed Delforce insecticide as a coarse spray to areas of ant activity not exceeding the point of run off.

Step 3. Fill the stations with the Antmaster Liquid Ant Bait and close lid. If you are going to place the stations horizontally then only fill them half full. Otherwise the liquid ant bait may leak out from the station. You can fill them full if you poistion them vertically.

Step 4. Place the filled stations near areas where black ant activity is present i.e. areas where they are tracking, nesting sites, near cracks in concrete or joins between pavers, window sills, etc.

Step 5. Monitor the stations on a regular basis and top up stations with more Antmaster Liquid Ant Bait when necessary. If ants are not feeding from the bait station they may need to be relocated to a difterent area.


Antmaster Ant Killer, is a highly effective ant bait for the control of various species of sugar-feeding pest ants such as Black House Ants, White Footed Ants & Ghost Ants that infest indoors and outdoors. Antmaster Ant Killer is an ultra-low dose non-toxic ant bait for the control of certain pest ants. Antmaster Ant Killer is not classified as a poison and with this unparalleled level of safety is the perfect ant bait to use around your property.


The Ant Café® Ant Bait Station is a refillable container for insect bait that protects the environment from contamination. It has a small, adjustable entryway that protects the bait from desiccation. The Ant Café® Ant Bait Station can be placed vertically or horizontally when used with granular or gel baits, but should only be placed vertically when used with liquid baits. In either domestic or commercial situations our Ant Bait Stations provide a simple way to deliver the bait and a quick way to inspect, clean and refill.


Insecticide for outdoor and indoor control of insect pests including cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ants, silverfish and of a range other insects in various situations as per the Directions for Use Table.  Delforce Insecticide is ideal for indoor and outdoor control and can be used in Hand Sprayers, Knapsack Sprayers, Backpack Sprayers, Garden Sparyers & Pressure Sprayers. (See our Sprayers category for the full range)

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