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Particularly suited to larger scale commercial and industrial mouse control work, this TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap can capture several mice in each setting but they rely on careful placement and a thorough knowledge of building and mice activity patterns.

TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap combines function and style in a multiple-catch mouse trap. It is ideal for monitoring and/or trapping and is effective for both mice and insects.

This popular TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap is made with a strong, impact-resistant material that can withstand many everyday collisions that leave other units dented or nonfunctional. Its durable plastic construction is designed for long life and will not rust. There are no sharp edges with TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap, and rounded interior walls make for faster cleaning.

TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap requires no winding. The trapping mechanism provides unsurpassed mouse capture rates versus other multiple-catch mouse traps. A horizontal sliding lid design provides greater control during servicing. A tinted top allows viewing from the side or top with a flashlight. Ventilation holes along the base make ideal entry points for insects and virtually eliminate condensation build-up.

TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap accommodates disposable glue boards for monitoring and fast clean-up.

TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap's attractive design blends into any environment. Extensive field and laboratory testing ensure performance and reliability.

You can use Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel to improve the effectiveness of the TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap in getting rid of mice.



  1. Make sure you correctly identify the type of rodent prior to setting of mouse trap. Different species of rats & mice have differing habits. Dead rats & mice in inaccessible places can cause problems with decomposing odour and/ or blow flies. Determining the type of rodent can usually be worked out from their damage, odour and droppings. Droppings of about 18mm in length indicate the Norway Rat, 12mm for the Roof Rat and 3-4mm for the house mouse.

  2. The following signs should always be investigated to confirm rat and mouse presence prior to use of mouse trap:
    • Runways, showing greasy patches on furniture and walls from the mouse fur
    • Urine stains on surfaces of floors and cupboards
    • Disapearance and / or nibbling of food 
    • Noise, often at night, which includes squeaking and fighting
    • Nests behind furniture or cupboards made of paper and rags, sometimes snail shells
  3. Select the trap which is most suitable for the problem.
  4. Place TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap on or very near runways, but not near food or places accessible to children or pets. TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap should never be set in hazardous locations (eg. above foods or food preparation surfaces), to avoid contamination by urine, droppings or blood.
  5. Bait the TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap using an attractant such as bacon, nuts, peanut butter, apple or Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel. The most attractive bait may depend on the particular eating habits of the mice in each particular situation. You may have to experiment in the beginning with a variety of different baits to find out which is most suitable. 
  6. Record the placement of TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap so that all mouse trap are removed when control program is complete. TRAP SHOULD BE CHECHED REGULARLY FOR CAUGHT RODENTS - AT LEAST ONCE A DAY.
  7. Wear gloves when handling dead mice and / or used TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap. Dispose of dead mouse in rubbish.
  8. Carefully wash used and contaminated TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap.

Rodent Droppings



The use of TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap can be preferred over the use of chemical control methods, such as poisons, for a variety of reasons including:

  • For mouse control in premises where inaccessible dead mice cannot be tolerated
  • For mouse control in premises where chemical pesticides are not tolerated
  • For cleaning up remaining 'bait shy' mice after a baiting program
  • Trapped mice can be easily disposed of once trapped
  • No risk of non-target animals such as cats, dogs, possums eating rodent poisons
  • No risk of mice dying and decomposing in inaccessible locations
  • TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Traps are simple to bait and set in one motion
  • TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Traps are compact and so can be set in tight places such as in cupboards, behind appliances, under pallets, etc
  • TOMCAT Multi Catch Live Mouse Traps are versatile as they can be used alone or placed inside tamper-resistant bait stations for discreet trapping


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