Pestrol Mosquito Trap

Pestrol Outdoor EXTERMINATOR Mosquito Trap


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Effectively eliminating outdoor flying, biting, stinging insects. GUARANTEED.

Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap effectively removes mosquitoes, flies, moths, asian beetles, no-seeums, wasps, and yellow jackets without the use of propane. Two UV fluorescent bulbs (included) produce warm light to attract insects. The titanium dioxide coated funnel works with the warmth of the light to produce carbon dioxide which is irresistible to lure mosquitoes and other flying insects into the Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap.

Pestrol Mosquito Trap

Enjoy backyard picnics, barbecues and warm-weather activities without having to shoo away the buzzing, flying insects that haunt your yard. Unlike insect systems that require propane and expensive allure refills, the Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap operates economically and is easy to install.

This Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap eliminates mosquitoes, biting flies, Asian beetles, and other flying pests from your outdoor as well as indoor living spaces. This system is safe for indoor use, and it eliminates insects without adding chemicals to the environment or the surrounding areas of usage.

The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap uses two UV fluorescent bulbs, which produce warm light to attract insects. The titanium dioxide-coated funnel produces carbon dioxide, which is irresistible to mosquitoes, luring the insects to the powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan. Insects are collected and trapped in the retaining cage away from the area of usage, providing the user safe pest protection and comfortable living quarters.



CARBON DIOXIDE produced during TiO2 process. HEAT and A CERTAIN WAVELENGTH RAY (mosquitoes like these) produced from the photocatalyst lamp installed inside.

Captured mosquitoes can't escape from the net, where they dehydrate and die.

Purifies and sterilizes air through TiO2 effect.

Environmentally friendly, Insecticide-free and harmless on humans and pets, odourless, no pollutants.

No expensive attractant refill or propane necessary.

Easy operation and installation, low maintenance. Quiet, no irritating zapping noises.

The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap is most effective when used outdoors.



  • Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Homes
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Gardens
  • Outdoor dining areas
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Fishing Trips
  • Picnics,
  • Barbecues
  • Farm buildings
  • Cattle sheds
  • Fishing places
  • Livestock farms
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Bakeries
  • Childcare centres
  • Schools and military camps and PC rooms
  • Especially suited to areas with high mosquito populations and areas with mosquito borne diseases such as swimming pools.



Mosquitoes even in the dark, can easily access where a person is by sensing carbon dioxide and temperature that he/she emits. Also, they react extremely sensitively to near ultraviolet rays. Using these properties of mosquitoes, Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap can decoy and capture mosquitoes both in bright indoors and in dark outdoors by a tripartite system: HEAT and A CERTAIN WAVELENGTH RAY produced from the mosquito bulbs installed inside, and CARBON DIOXIDE produced when mosquito bulbs are radiated onto TiO2 coat.


Decoyed mosquitoes enter the Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap through the capture windows on the upper parts, and then are strongly drawn into the capture net, on the lower part. Once they are drawn into the capture net, they cannot fly away upwards due to the strong current of the ventilator. Mosquitoes quickly dehydrate and die. No messy & costly sprays.

Mosquito Trap

Purifies air through photocatalysis & Sterilizes sundry bacteria.

Using TiO2, ATTENTION-GETTER of ENVIRONMENT PURIFICATION FIELD. A smoke/insecticide-free mosquito trap which simultaneously purifies air and exterminates mosquitoes has been specially devised.

It is absolutely harmless on environment, livestock and pets, for it is insecticide free.



The effect of photocatalysis used in TiO2 pays attention in the field of pro-environment.

Titanium dioxide, also known as titania, is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium. TiO2 was approved as a food additive in 1968 by the USA. At present, TiO2 is used in making chocolates and is a totally harmless materials to the human body.

Photocatalysis is a disintegration that uses light-energy with TiO2 as a catalyst. TiO2 is not changed so can be used permanently. In case there is a little ultraviolet ray from the sun or lamp, TiO2 purifies air and sterilize ill-smelling molecule by response to organic matter on the surface of TiO2

Photocatalyst Reaction

Photocatalyst Oxygen

Using energy from light, TiO2 creates two oxidation reactants: hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anion which decomposes toxic organic substance by oxidation.



It's use mosquito bulbs and funnel. It can generate carbon dioxide and moisture and heat in the device when it run. Emulates human breath and decoyed mosquitoes enter inside. Titanium Dioxide's photocatalytic characteristic is greatly enhanced due to the advent of nanotechnology. At nano-scale, not only the surface area of titanium dioxide particle increases dramatically but also it exhibits other effects on optical properties and size quantization.





Noisy zap

Complicated to clean

Outdoor use only

Unpleasant burning smell



Whisper quiet

Twist open and clean with brush

Effective indoors and outdoors

Environmentally safe




Color: Black

Size: Diameter 24cm X Height 30cm

Carton size: 250mm X 250mm X 320mm

Electric power consumption: 28W, 110V/220V

Gross Weight: 2 kg

Power cord length: 2.2 meter

Area of application: 120 square meter



What makes the Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap the best choice for controlling mosquito?
The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap is the leading long-term solution scientifically proven to safely and effectively reduce mosquitoes and other insects. Photocatalyst technology and special light will help you drastically reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

How soon should my Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap begin to control mosquitoes?
The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap will begin to catch immediately there is mosquito activity in the area. Female mosquitoes looking for blood will be drawn to the trap and destroyed. The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap will gradually reduce your mosquito population as it attracts and destroys them. It may take 6-8 weeks of use to reduce the mosquito population to the point that you have successfully interrupted the breeding cycle.

Will it harm humans or pets?
No.The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap does not involve fogging, pesticides, bug zappers, repellents, citronella. Fogging, repellents, and coils, often involve the use of chemicals that have the potential to be dangerous for both humans and the environment. The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap, uses none of these chemicals methods in the control of mosquito populations. It is 100% environmentally friendly.

How high off the ground do we install it?
The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap can be placed, fixed, or hung, on any external object, wall, verandah post, tree or ceiling in the area to be protected. Its most efficient when greater than 1M of the ground. You can hang it by the power cords or the other line. Many people have small children and pets and need to hang the unit head high.

Is the device unit noisy?
The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap only sound is the in-built fan, which is equivalent to a computer fan.

Does it attract other insect?
The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap has been specifically designed to attract and control mosquitoes and sandflies (midges), although it may attract other insects not beneficial to your garden.

It has recently rained will the mosquitoes return?
This is possible if you are contributing to their breeding environment. The perfect breeding grounds around your home for mosquitoes are any areas where there is stagnant water laying, e.g. Pot plant dishes, fish ponds, old tyres etc. Plants like Bromeliads are another perfect environment for breeding mosquitoes.

How long do I operate Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap for each day?
For best results run the unit continously to break the breeding cycle. However using it soley for entertaining puproses is fine. The Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap will attract all surround flying insects immediately.


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